Michelle’s test post

This is a test post by Michelle

The editor is quite old now (2015 I think), but it should still do the job and allow Jane to publish blogs with headings, sub headings and images – although not sure why the head of Jane’s mini-me has been cut off!

The blog home page (where people land and see all of your posts listed usually with the most recent one first) isn’t going to look very snazzy as the WP Editor is so old. The link for it is: https://alnwickchiropractor.co.uk/blog/ and when there are a few blogs ready it is easy enough to add ‘Blog’ to your navigation menu.

It might be worth asking Alan or Peter how much it would be to update the website to a new theme – this would also make it more secure and Google will like a newer, less spammable/hackable website too. But right now we can work with what we’ve got.

We will be able to use Jane’s brand colours to add a nice feeling to the posts and make them nice to read.



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